I  recently heard of  “Hope Church” in Cincinnati, Ohio, that has an adult fellowship called “The Belayers.”  Mountain climbers use this term “belayer” to describe the anchorman.  When climbing mountains the climbers will tie themselves together with a rope for safety purposes when they traverse the icy slopes.  The “Belayer” is the last man on the rope, a stout, strong man, who when someone loses his footing will dig in and support his fellow climber until he can regain his footing.  Likewise, this fellowship of Believers helps to support their fellow Christians when they are going through a crisis or time of testing.                                     

        In our Scripture text today, the Apostle Paul did the same for the Church in Thessalonica.  They were going through persecution and troubles.  He reminded them that they were loved and chosen by God (v. 13).  He encouraged them to keep on trusting God, and he prayed for them (vs. 15-17).

        As we begin this New Year of 2018, you will have opportunities to also be a “Belayer.”  As a Church we are tied together, with cords of love and faith.  Encourage yourself daily in the Word of God so that your faith will be strong.  Let the love of God flow through you to others, through your prayers, words of encouragement and helping hands.  When someone is slipping on “the slippery slopes” of life, be a steadfast encourager for them.   Your actions will give them strength to find their “faith footing” so that they may proceed onward and upward in their journey of life.                  

“Bind us together Lord, Bind us together with cords of love.”

Pastor, Carroll C. McCarroll


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