Recently as I was praying the Lord spoke to my spirit and said, “I want you to start a ‘Healing School’ on Sunday’s and Wednesday evening and teach on ‘Divine Healing.’ “  I have been doing this now for the past few weeks and we have been experiencing wonderful visitations of the Holy Spirit in our services, as well as testimonies of healing from members of our Congregation.          I want to encourage each one to share this information with everyone you know, encourage them to attend with you, in fact bring them with you and see what the Lord will do.

We believe that healing is part of the covenant of Salvation that our Lord Jesus Christ bought and paid for on the Cross of Calvary, so in our “Healing School” we are simply teaching the Word of God in order for each Believer to receive what belongs to them!

Did you know that the Healing Anointing:

  • Is transmitted through various methods, one of which is the laying on of hands?
  • The Healing Anointing works in conjunction with a person’s faith to affect the desired results?
  • The Healing anointing is powerful enough to drive out sickness and disease and destroy any yoke of bondage in a person’s life?

Do your best to attend our “Healing School” every Wednesday at 7:00 PM and Sunday Morning at 10:40 AM, and learn how to cooperate with the healing power of God and receive what belongs to you!