Our nation, as a matter of fact, the entire world is reeling from the from recent attacks, in our schools, Florida leaving 17 students and/or staff and teachers murdered; Nevada, forty some dead, over 200 wounded; carnage on the streets in some of our major cities; Hurricanes, and Earthquakes; not to mention the every day crises that each of us face daily in our families, work sites, neighborhoods and Churches.  What can we do? What can you and I individually do?                                                

     We can be prepared.  Jesus has given us as Believers, a great commission in Matthew 28:18-20 to Go and make Disciples, and to Teach…HEART OF AMERICA BIBLE COLLEGE AND THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY is here to help YOU to be able to do just that.  March 9-10 we will be offering the Seminar, “CRISIS COUNSELING,” which will prepare you to be able to step in and make a difference.  There are several ways you can take this Seminar, you can take it for College Credit (earn 3 Credit Hours), you can Audit the Course, you can attend the Seminar in person, you can view it on Skype or U-Tube, you can order CD’s/DVDs.  What ever choice you make we are here to equip you to be able to make a difference in our generation.

     To Enroll, or request more information, fill out the Contact Form below and we will respond swiftly to assist you.  The number to call
We are looking forward to assisting you to make a difference in this Crisis Time.  Our beloved professor,  Dr. Randall Strelluf, will be the instructor.

       We will send you an additional email covering how you can enroll and Financial Information for the Seminar.

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